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An Ancient Approach to Contemporary Concerns

From left: Emily Kehnast, Kimberly Bonde, Faith Russler. Not pictured: Jim Gordon and Judith Kenen.

Welcome to Intown Acupuncture

Intown Acupuncture is home to some of the most respected and experienced acupuncturists in metro Atlanta. Founded by Kimberly Bonde — a Registered Nurse and Licensed Acupuncturist for more than 23 years — Intown Acupuncture has been helping clients with effective relief for a variety of health concerns since 2001.

The four acupuncturists who have been invited to join Kimberly are highly trained, highly skilled professionals who expand her offerings and work collaboratively with one another and, if needed, with your other healthcare professionals (such as your physician, fertility specialist or chiropractor). They are also superb listeners and communicators.

Individually and as a team, the acupuncturists at Intown Acupuncture are wholly committed to your health and satisfaction. They have guided more than 2,500 clients on the path to enhanced well-being and healing. Each of them looks forward to providing the same for you!

"The skilled practitioners at Intown Acupuncture know how to treat focused health problems, however, the treatment here goes beyond that. They integrate insight and understanding of the origin of the problem, the relationship to one's constitution and lifestyle, and a path to healing the whole person.” - M.R., 58, Decatur