Fertility Support

“If you’ve come across this page on the Internet, it’s likely you never thought you’d be in this spot. None of us dreams of the day when we will Google, read blogs and meet with various health professionals in order to get and stay pregnant. Acupuncture treatment can provide some outstanding results in promoting the physical process of achieving and maintaining pregnancy – it’s also incredibly useful in supporting the tender, not-so-physical parts of you while you travel this journey. It has been my privilege and joy to work with thousands of women and their partners since 1988. I’d be honored to put my skills and experience in service to your dreams, too.”

Kimberly Bonde, Lic.Ac., RN
Founder & Senior Practitioner

How does acupuncture support fertility?

Fertility-supportive acupuncture focuses on the function of your reproductive system, circulation to your ovaries and uterus, and overall hormonal balance. We place this emphasis within the context of your general good health to promote a healthy pregnancy. As you may know, acupuncture is extremely effective for stress reduction so your treatments will help reduce the impact of the stress and strain that may accompany your fertility journey.

What happens at the initial fertility support session?

Your initial visit, lasting approximately 90 minutes, includes a consultation and acupuncture. This session allows you and your practitioner the opportunity to meet in a relaxed setting to discuss the specifics of your individual fertility journey, along with reviewing your overall health history. Your first acupuncture treatment is included in this initial session.

During the session, we will design and discuss your customized acupuncture treatment plan which will fully align with any other treatments you may be doing, i.e. IUI, IVF, etc. Time to answer your questions and explain our findings is an important part of this consultation. We have found that this approach yields the most supportive treatment relationship and outstanding results.

The fee for the initial 90-minute consultation and treatment varies based upon your practitioner. Kimberly’s initial session costs $315; Judith’s costs $245. Subsequent treatment sessions vary based on your individual treatment plan. The fee ranges between $120-$170, depending on appointment length, frequency, and practitioner.

In certain circumstances your course of treatment may begin with a 60 minute video consultation, followed by a treatment in the office within the week.  The video consultation fee is $120-185.

How does acupuncture work in conjunction with other fertility technologies?

Studies show acupuncture treatment in conjunction with medications/IUI/IVF increases the likelihood of conception. Many of our clients find that side effects from medications are significantly reduced, making the process of assistive reproductive measures much more comfortable. We will tailor your treatment plan to address the particulars of your individual protocol.

Our experienced practitioners have had the privilege of working in collaboration with the reproductive endocrinologists from all five specialty centers in metro Atlanta, several out of state, and countless local ob/gyn providers and midwives.

How often does someone come in for acupuncture fertility treatment?

Your specific situation will be evaluated and a treatment plan created to fit your personal needs and harmonize with your medication or procedure schedules — or perhaps simply follow your menstrual cycle. So much depends on where you are in the process. For example, have you:

  • Recently stopped taking birth control pills and are waiting for your cycle to regulate
  • Been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and want to explore other perspectives to support conception?
  • Had an unsuccessful IVF cycle and are hoping for a successful experience next time?
  • Conceived easily but miscarried and are looking for support with maintaining your next pregnancy?
  • Been diagnosed with PCOS and are looking for additional ways to help your body produce mature follicles, ovulate and conceive?
  • Begun preparing to receive a donor egg/embryo or work with a gestational carrier
  • And your same-sex partner decided to seek support as you go through the conception and pregnancy process?

Ideally, we’d like to meet with you for an initial appointment when you are not taking medication so we have a chance to learn about your overall health and body rhythms. We typically schedule one 50-minute treatment session per week. During the active phase of an IVF cycle, we may see you more frequently for shorter treatment sessions.

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