Health Promotion

Acupuncture treatment is extremely beneficial as a preventative medicine. Many clients come to Intown Acupuncture seeking ways to promote good health whether or not they have any particular “symptoms.”

Chinese medicine provides a unique and useful framework that reveals imbalances in order to rectify them before significant symptoms develop. Working in this way, we are treating you more as a garden — a sometimes lush, sometimes not-so-lush living being that is experiencing constant transitions — as opposed to treating you as a broken piece of equipment that needs fixing.

It’s a holistic approach that helps you to heal, build resilience, experience greater vitality and be more present in your life. Sometimes clients who have initially come to Intown Acupuncture for symptom relief, or a particular struggle, continue treatment with the health-promotion model. With this model, we are likely to meet for treatment on a less frequent basis – monthly or seasonally. Some clients have been working with Kimberly Bonde, Lic.Ac., RN using the health promotion model, since 2001.

Qi and the Body Map in Chinese Medicine

The concept of “qi,” often written as chi and pronounced chee, is described as an intangible energy in the body that nourishes, supports and allows for the smooth, balanced function of your body and mind.

Qi circulates through channels. When the qi in a person is full and flowing in predictable, nourishing ways, health is promoted. When the qi is blocked, moving recklessly or depleted, illness can begin or worsen.

Various things can disrupt our qi — significant illness or injury are causes — but so are everyday stresses, poor sleep, inadequate nourishment and emotional concerns. Illness and imbalance can arise from stagnation, excess or deficiency of qi. An acupuncturist works with precise points along the channels to rebalance qi, relieve symptoms and promote health.

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