Abbie Hurewitz, L.Ac.Practitioner

    “I believe the body is innately inclined toward healing, and my role as your acupuncturist is to guide and support this process.” – Abbie Hurewitz, L.Ac.

    Abbie uses well-honed diagnostic skills to address the root cause of symptoms and health imbalance. She creates a customized treatment plan that attends to each client’s needs, working collaboratively to achieve their health goals and lay the groundwork for deep and sustainable well-being. While she treats a wide variety of conditions, she specializes in women’s health through all of life’s transitions, digestive disorders, acute and chronic pain conditions, headaches and migraines, stress, anxiety, and mental health concerns. In addition to acupuncture, she also uses cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion, along with dietary and lifestyle guidance to enhance treatments.

    Abbie’s warm, patient-centered approach, rooted in compassionate listening and cultivating authentic relationships with her patients, was developed during her previous career as a documentary film producer and undergraduate education in cultural anthropology from Wesleyan University. Her mindful approach draws from her background in yoga, meditation, and her education at Tri-State, where she studied classical Chinese medicine and was clinically trained in three complementary styles of acupuncture.

    A fourth generation Brooklynite, Abbie made the leap to Atlanta in 2019 and has fallen for the big trees, porch culture, and good neighbor way of life. When not in the clinic, she can be found hiking, camping, searching for swimming holes, cooking over a fire, and doing crafts with her not-so-crafty boyfriend.

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