Jim Gordon, L.Ac.Practitioner

    Jim has been helping others improve their health through alternative medicine for more than 25 years — eighteen years of clinical experience in Chinese medicine and decades of experience in practices such as taiqi, qigong, Polarity Therapy and Reiki. He specializes in the treatment of migraine headaches, chronic pain, sports injuries, digestive problems, anxiety, and depression.

    A particularly interesting area of Jim’s practice is care during pregnancy and he serves as the lead for the Pre-Birth Acupuncture Program here at Intown Acupuncture. This program is designed to support all aspects of a pregnant person from the common discomforts of the first trimester (nausea, headaches, fatigue, etc.) through the significant body changes of the second and third trimesters which can contribute to sleep disturbances, back and hip pain, etc.  A special collection of treatments is available to promote an effective labor process and assist with fetal position, in cases of breech presentation. Special attention to the emotional aspects and stressors of the pregnancy experience is a cornerstone of this program.

    Jim believes that acupuncture, especially Five Element Acupuncture, is uniquely powerful and patient-friendly. When appropriate, he adds Chinese herbs to a treatment plan in order to speed the healing process and suggests qigong exercises for specific complaints to ensure long-term benefits.

    Jim grew up in Greensboro, NC and currently resides in Kirkwood with his wife, daughter and cat. He has always loved camping, especially up in the hills where waterfall trails beckon. Playing music has been a life-long source of joy (and sanity).

    “I believe that we sometimes experience nagging pain and persistent illness largely because of our habitual nature. We become so used to our own behaviors, posture and emotional responses that we are not very aware of them, though pain certainly gets our attention. I think that acupuncture works so well because the acupuncture points we use remind our bodies of our original brilliant design — the one without the irritable bowel or the sore back. True, acupuncture helps bring about a powerful healing balance within our bodies, and between our bodies and the outside world. But the acupuncture points also offer suggestions and opportunities to behave and respond to life in different ways in order to live more gracefully and sustainably. For me, that amounts to freedom to be ourselves in a more graceful way, more free from pain and dis-ease.”   ~ Jim Gordon, Lic.Ac.\

    Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) since 2005
    Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Master of Acupuncture granted 2005
    GA License #214 active since 2008
    NC License #365 active since 2006


    I have been going to acupuncture for 9 years. I decided to try it after suffering with chronic allergies. Acupuncture not only helped me with that, it did so much more. After finding Jim things really started to transform. I like to use the analogy of a personal tune up every time I get acupuncture. It has helped me with anxiety, plantar fasciitis, fear of flying, fatigue. And believe it or not it has even helped me emotionally deal with the upheaval and unsettling feelings from my divorce. Jim is intuitive, compassionate and knowledgeable in his treatments. I am glad I found him. – Jill, Atlanta

    When my chiropractor suggested I get acupuncture treatment to assist his treatment for a badly injured ankle, I took a deep breath and, because my wife had found them very helpful in the past, I called Intown Acupuncture Center. My first gift from them was to be assigned Jim Gordon for my treatments. Still, deep in my heart I really didn’t see how a few carefully-placed needles could make any difference at all to my injured ankle. Was I wrong! Not at every session, but at several critical points, Jim’s help has been amazing and dramatic. He has done the usual acupuncture things – needles, heat, etc. But on occasion, he has sunk deeply into his intuitive self and come out with different approaches that have made a huge difference. I’m now a firm believer, although I still don’t see how it works. But so what? It works. And I’m deeply grateful. Oh, by the way, there is one extra contribution that Jim makes. He can, on occasion, really be funny. So I find myself leaving my sessions with Jim not only walking more lightly on my healing ankle but also with a light heart, healed by laughter. It’s a really strong combination. – W.B., 80, Clarkston, GA

    I’ve been seeing Jim Gordon at Intown Acupuncture for several years now and I still leave my sessions astounded and thankful for his amazing ability as a healer. Jim has a playful professional demeanor that immediately puts me at ease. His assessments are thorough and thoughtful and his treatments have helped me work through physical, emotional and energetic discomfort. I regard my sessions with Jim Gordon as an integral part of my personal wellness and health maintenance. He has helped me through the grief of losing loved ones, a miscarriage, a healthy pregnancy and the joy/stress of being a working mother. Jim often shares with me a little information about a point he is going to needle and why. I appreciate this information because it helps me process what I am trying to work through. I often leave my traditional medical appointments disappointed in the care I receive. I value that acupuncture treats mind, body and spirit and not just symptoms. Jim really listens to me and comes up with a specific treatment plan for each session. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription medications and would like a whole person approach to your health and wellness, make an appointment with Jim. You’ll be glad you did! – Sara, Decatur

    I came to acupuncture after a stressful work situation caused me to experience physical anxiety. I was having chest pains and would notice that I wasn’t really breathing, and nothing I knew how to do was helping with the symptoms. Jim took the time to listen and empathize, and even though I was nervous about telling a stranger about my problems, he made me feel very much at home. I’ve been seeing Jim almost every week for just over a year, and he has been invested in my journey every step of the way. He is very intuitive and would pick out points that helped for things I had not yet articulated. Through acupuncture, I’ve learned that even though my job was the immediate trigger for my anxiety, many things in my life were actually no longer serving me. Treating those has really changed my life and helped me to become a much more grounded and present person–and a lot happier, as well!– Lauren, 32, Atlanta

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