Judith Kenen, L.Ac.Practitioner

    “I believe that health is the capacity to respond to life with vitality, flexibility and compassion.” – Judith Kenen, L.Ac.

    Judith believes that we need to know who we are, and act in harmony with that knowledge, in order to be vital and healthy. She draws on a combination of Chinese Medicine, Buddhist and Taoist perspectives to help her clients gain this insight and understanding. This approach, combined with acupuncture treatment, allows qi to flow smoothly and easily, reducing illness, pain and suffering while promoting a healthy and meaningful life.

    Judith looks at all aspects of an individual’s health — energy level, digestion, sleep quality, mood and any other symptoms — as part of making a diagnosis. She develops an individualized treatment plan that can include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as guided meditation.

    Judith treats a wide variety of issues from insomnia to depression. Her style and expertise are especially valuable for individuals suffering from stress and anxiety, helping them to understand the source of the stress and resolving it. Judith specializes in using Chinese Herbal medicine to address chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis or illnesses following travel abroad. She also has many years experience working with women’s health issues including infertility, pregnancy and irregular or painful menstruation.

    Judith has lived on both coasts as well as in the North and the South, but has called Atlanta home for 16 years. She has been fortunate enough to live and travel abroad as well. She presently lives in Kirkwood with her husband, daughter and cat.

    Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) since 2006
    Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Master of Acupuncture granted 2006
    GA License #184 active since 2007


    My experience with Judith has been literally life-changing. When I started, I had no idea what to expect. I had a little back pain, I had a little anxiety, and thought the treatment would be worth a shot. What has transpired over the past few months has been reconciliation with my heart and a reconnection of body and mind, leaving me more at peace with the universe than I ever have before. Everyone’s experience with acupuncture is different; mine has been wonderful and rewarding. Thanks, Judith! – B.S., 32, Atlanta

    Five Element Acupuncture was recommended to me as an alternative to hysterectomy. I had suffered for most of my adult life with severe PMS and ovarian cysts. My OBGYN had tried everything in his toolbox to help me to no avail. After my very first treatment with Judith at Intown Acupuncture, I felt that I had found the perfect meeting place of treatment for mind, body, and spirit. Acupuncture has given me the opportunity for wellness and wholeness. It has improved my quality of life, and my ability to communicate. I am grateful to Judith for her dedication and pursuit of this ancient practice. Thank you for getting my life flowing again! – M.M., 41, Woodstock, GA

    I went to Judith when my world was turned upside down and she helped me, with compassion and dedication, to set it back straight. I cannot put into words the impact Judith, through the art of acupuncture, has had on my life. I am forever grateful that I found Intown Acupuncture and will continue to go there when in need of healing. – J.D., 32, Alpharetta, GA

    Acupuncture has provided a focus on my health – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. As life brings its usual ups and downs, I feel strong and centered through my experiences with acupuncture. It has given me additional knowledge to face my life in health. Judith has been a blessing as a teacher and guide as I continue to learn through acupuncture. – L.L., 47, Birmingham, AL

    Jim Gordon