Margaret Ginestra, L.Ac.Practitioner

    “I love acupuncture because it deepens my faith in life’s coherence and goodness.” – Margaret Ginestra, L.Ac

    Margaret (she/they) treats people, not symptoms. With this approach, a person’s unique knot of symptoms and discomforts can come unraveled naturally, efficiently, even elegantly, by reawakening the inherent wisdom of the body. While there’s no issue she’s not excited to learn about and support, Margaret has particularly loved providing care for folks experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, burnout, addictions, cancer treatment, chronic illness and identity shifts. She also strives to be trauma-informed and gender-affirming.

    Margaret practices abolitionist acupuncture, which means she is aligned with people and movements that believe systemic change is necessary to achieve justice for all. Claiming personal wellbeing is a radical act that supports our collective wellness. This medicine is a gift from ancient peoples living in harmony with nature. Inscribed in it is a way of attuning to life that is no longer easy to perceive as we walk through our busy world, and yet there it is, in the stillness of every acupuncture point.

    Rooted in classical Chinese and Taoist theory, Margaret’s contemporary practice is influenced by Dr. Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry work, which espouses that whatever treatment is administered, “the healing agent lies within.” She also studies and utilizes techniques from CranioSacral (via Giorgia Milne and Etienne Peirsman), which encourages our bodies to slow way down so that every cell can reorient and refresh. Additionally, she has a background in the arts, and can’t help but see every treatment as a poem her client writes. If that sounds too wild, ask her how.

    Margaret was most recently living in Gainesville, Florida, where she enjoyed being part of the faculty at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, but Atlanta has called her back home. She now lives just around the corner from the clinic with her cat, Lotus, where she reads too many books at once and embarks on long exploratory walks.

    “Margaret’s capacity for presence, realness, and truth is endless, and through our connection I have come more alive. Working with her has deepened my inner compass, I am relaxed, confident, and trust in life’s movements. I feel matched by her as I continue to bring new levels of myself into the treatment room—from chronic health episodes, navigating gender dysphoria, and acute relational stress. She continues to orient me to my natural state of coherence, both because of who she is as a human and her skills in this medicine. I leave every treatment in awe of how deeply acupuncture has changed my life, and continues to grow me towards my fullest potential.” – Caiius, 31, they/them

    “When my acupuncturist of 15 years retired, I went looking for a new practitioner. I am so happy Margaret Ginestra is who I found. Appointments with Margaret are full of knowledge, curiosity and a deep desire to connect. Margaret’s treatments reflect her commitment to the 5 Elements and her continued exploration of acupuncture. Her treatments have soothed, healed and energized me.” – Beckie, 68, she/her

    “Getting acupuncture with Margaret has been hugely supportive. I came to her during a period of foundational transition. The medicine she works has offered me both space and stability. She draws upon a deep aquifer of knowledge to discern what will be just right for each treatment. During the treatments I am absolutely free to speak (or not), to put voice to my experience (or not), to wail and to laugh. MG offers a space for ritual, something otherwise sorely missing from my life. After treatments I always feel more at home within my essential Self, and I feel more in alignment with the rhythm of nature. Each treatment contains its own potency. And, working with Margaret has highlighted the cumulative quality of this medicine. I am so much clearer now. The quality of these treatments affects every one of my other choices for the better. I feel more empowered, and better able to hear myself and to trust myself.” – Mackenzie, she/they, 33

    “Margaret is an amazing practitioner. When I began acupuncture, I was suffering from debilitating migraines and nerve pain in my neck for over a year. Now, after being treated by Margaret, I no longer experience migraines or neck pain at all. Margaret’s Five Element treatments have also positively affected my overall mental and emotional health and well-being. Margaret approaches every treatment with fresh eyes and creates a treatment to meet you exactly where you are. Every time I enter the treatment room I feel genuinely listened to and cared for. I can’t recommend Margaret enough!” – Aylin, he/him, 48

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